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Meet Cassandra

Cassandra is a maternal-child health nurse with 20 years of experience working with mothers, babies and families. She has been involved in over 400 births in various roles, including holistic doula/monitrice and out-of-hospital birth assistant/midwife apprentice. She is also an international board certified lactation consultant and postpartum doula. She practices from an integrative model of care.

Cassandra has been in a mothering role all her life. She is not a biological mother, but her calling is to mother the mother. She is passionate about empowering women to find their own innate wisdom and trust their natural instincts. She is a guide on the journey.

Cassandra brings the gift of Insightful Presence™. She enjoys working with women and mothers in many roles and continually seeks new opportunities for learning. Most recently she has trained with Creative Mind University and is now offering services as a Jungian life coach. Her area of focus is working with the Mother Archetype.


2021 The Matrona (Postpartum Doula & Homeopathy Training), Creative Mind University (Jungian Life Coach Training)

2020 The Matrona (Holistic Doula Training)

2019 Therapeutic Breast Massage in Lactation

2017 Diagnosis & Management of Tongue and Lip Tie in Breastfeeding

2016 Lactation Consultant Training

2014 Maternal Mental Health Training for Healthcare Professionals, Breastfeeding & Maternal Mental Health

2013-2014 Reflective Practice, Motivational Interviewing

2013 Lactation Counselor Training

2012 Doulas of North America (Doula Training), Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology

2011-2012 Advanced Doula & Midwife Assistant Training

2010 Advanced Midwifery Apprenticeship, Homeopathy & Midwifery

2009 HypnoBirthing Institute, Birth Arts International, Birthing From Within (Childbirth & Doula Training)

2008 Perinatal Loss

2007 Beginning Midwifery Apprenticeship, Emotional Freedom Techniques®

2006-2007 Foundations in Herbalism

2005 Lactation Educator Training

2002 Acupressure

2001 Labor & Delivery Training

1995-1999 Nursing School

A Little Herstory for the Modern Woman

Doula (Greek)

Woman’s servant. A trained, non-medical professional experienced in childbirth who provides emotional, physical and informational support to a woman before, during and after childbirth. 

Monitrice (French)

An assistant who provides support for a woman in labor. A professional labor support person who combines nursing and/or midwifery skills with doula care.

Nurse (Latin “nutricius”)

One who nourishes. A healthcare provider who cares for a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. A nurse is an advocate, a comforter, a guardian and a healer. A nurse abides by the Nightingale Pledge

Midwife (English)

With women. A primary healthcare provider who cares for women across the lifespan. A midwife offers gynecological, prenatal, birth, postpartum and newborn services to women and families. A midwife cares for healthy women with low risk pregnancies. 


A mother’s servant, assistant and guide for birth, breastfeeding and beyond. 

What Does a Monitrice Do?

⬥ Clinical assessment of mother and baby in early/active labor, including vital signs, baby position, fetal heart tones by Doppler or fetoscope, cervical exams if desired or indicated, nitrazine paper to check for ruptured membranes

⬥ Herbal/homeopathic guidance with muscle testing for correct remedy

⬥ Birth provider updates

⬥ Advocacy

⬥ Emotional/physical/informational support

⬥ Advanced labor support techniques, including acupressure and Emotional Freedom Techniques®


A monitrice is not functioning as a primary healthcare provider or a midwife. A monitrice is not managing labor or birth. A monitrice is using clinical skills appropriate to her education and experience, in order to provide information to parents for decision making. A monitrice works for the parents, not the birth provider or the place of birth.

A monitrice is not functioning as an herbalist or a homeopath. A monitrice is not administering herbal or homeopathic remedies. A monitrice is offering information and guidance about the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies during the childbearing year. This guidance may include muscle testing, a non-invasive applied kinesiology technique that assesses the body’s positive or negative response, to find the correct remedy.

Why is a Doula Right for You?

You might be asking yourself why you would consider hiring a doula if you are planning an out-of-hospital birth. Midwives are amazing primary healthcare providers, who provide a model of woman-centered care that is not usually found in modern obstetric practice. They are responsible for the clinical safety of mother and baby during labor and birth. While they are often very in tune with a woman’s emotional needs, that is not their primary role. Midwives and doulas are an excellent complement to one another in any birth setting, but especially in an out-of-hospital birth setting. Here is an excellent article to learn more: If I’m Hiring A Midwife, Why Do I Need A Doula?

If you are planning a hospital birth, check out the graphic below highlighting the evidence-based benefits of doula support.

Learn more about the science behind doulas at We The Parents.

Doulas: 17 Science-Backed Benefits

How Can a Lactation Consultant Help You?

⬥ Getting breastfeeding off to a good start

⬥ Helping you build a healthy milk supply

⬥ Working through breastfeeding problems

⬥ Advanced breastfeeding support techniques, including Therapeutic Breast Massage in Lactation and muscle testing for individualized galactagogues (herbs for increasing milk)

⬥ Tongue/lip tie assessment and post release suck training

⬥ Returning to work

⬥ Maternal mental health support

⬥ Referral to appropriate resources

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